The already-online database for web projects


February 2009

New Features

Form Validation Added

Along with a launch of the already-online Voola new features such as Form Validation have been added to the Form Manager system. Form Validation can be as simple as enforcing a user to enter a specific field or an advanced solution is provided that uses Regular Expressions to confirm a pattern is used (for example, a valid email address is provided). For more on this see our Form Validation in the Help section.

Voola Online

Voola launches new already-online database service.

Voola recently launched it's Software as a Service offering. This allows companies to quickly create unique information management tools online. The information in the online Voola database can then be shared with an existing website or with users via a login and password. For more information visit

July 2008

Houston we have Lift Off!

It might be a bit cheesy, but it's true... our launch is in Houston.

The countdown to Voola's launch is taking place in none other than Houston, Texas. Voola will be launching and presenting the new solution to the top Microsoft Partner's from around the world at the Microsoft World Wide Partner conference being held there this month.

If you are interested in attending the launch please contact