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Product Features

Voola is a web based database system that helps web and software developers rapidly deliver a robust, flexible online database solution for their customers.  The database is completely flexible in structure and also provides web based administrative tools to design forms and lists for customers to securely manage the information in the database.

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Web Administration of Data

You can custom design your own web based forms, lists and searches to interact with the data in your Voola database. This delivers a secure, web based administration system for your unique data without the need to write any code.

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Easy to Integrate

Once you have setup your data in Voola, you can easily extract the data in many different formats such as XML, CSV and even JSON.  This means integrating the live data into an existing or new solution is very quick and easy.  Requests can be sent through services like REST and Web Services.

Built on Microsoft SQL

Voola delivers a layer on top of Microsoft SQL Server.  Web designers and software developers can either easily get information in and out of SQL through the simple to use Voola tools, or they can interact directly with SQL Server for more complex features.  It's designed to work for both small boutique websites through to large enterprise web based business applications.

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Hosted Software-as-a-Service Model

Voola can be installed by developers on their own server, or sign up to Voola's monthly SaaS model and don't worry about how to host a database solution.  Your website can be hosted with us or still be run on your own hosting, no matter what the technology.  Contact us on for further information.

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